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was treated by the nurse and taken to johns hopkins hospital. they are still talking to a person of interest. >>> the parent of a first grader is in some hot water tonight after a teacher found pot in the 6 year old's backpack. the child attends east port elementary in annapolis. it was found while checking the student's homework. they tracked down who they believe is the source. >> of course officers wanted to talk to the child's mother. she had two warrants for her arrest. she was arrested that day. the investigation is ongoing. >> it was about a gram of pot. school officials don't believe the student had any idea what was in the bag. >>> the orioles prove they never give up. they were down and losing 5-1 in the ninth when chris davis slugged one to the rafters. according to the ground rules, this is a home run. the first oriole to homer in five straight days since reggie jackson about it in 1976. they got the winning run to the plate but could not push it over. the final, tampa 5, orioles 3. itis fun and games to get caught up in the team colors. orange has taken over the town. new shirts
with hundreds of dollars. john shows us what to look out for so you don't waste your money. >> sheriff's departments are warning a new version of an old scam is popping up everywhere this time it's no longer the old kitchen phone ringing at dinner time. >> her cell phone started ringing at all times-imuy of da. with strange phone calls from someone in jail. >> you have a collect call from an inmate in the county jail. >> at first i ignored it. but they kept calling repeatedly. they would keep calling . >> after a while she decided to answer worried a grandson may have been arrested. >> i thought maybe it's a family member in trouble. >> so she listened to the recording. >> it gave you two options. number one is will you accept this collect call and you will also be recorded. >> she googled the phone number calling her and found complaints saying it was a scam. sheriff's departments are warning this scam which has targeted land line phones are hitting cell phones too. inmates dial numbers hoping to get someone to approve a collect call. if you do, they hang up and bill their long distan
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2